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  1. assalamualaikum, a warm greeting from Bandung, allow me to introduce my self, my name is Aria Gilang Utama S.Pd, an English teacher at SMPN 39 Bandung, My Mom from Majalengka and we have house at Majalengka at Siti Armilah No 50. Proud and happy to read so many benefecial information in this blog. You did a great job guys.

    Best regard

    Aria Gilang Utama

  2. A new leaf of change I can pin on the Teachers’ Board of English in Junior Secondary School. And I do appreciate on your efforts of empowering the members. Just keep on making the board life and sound….

  3. pa sedikit usul menyusul berakhir nya bermutu untuk satu siklus ini bagai mana jika mgmp bahasa inggris menyelenggarakan semacam pelatihan MIR (multiple intelegence research) bagi seluruh guru bahasa inggris yang ada di kabupaten majalengka… tolong di follow up usulan ini ya pak terimakasih atas perhatiannya..

  4. congratulation to all chairman board of mgmp bahasa inggris, on creating this blog hope that the blog will be usefull for everyone ….

  5. bravo mr maman, I’ve just entrered our blog, Thaks so much for your giving materials in English. May you receive me as a member.

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